Casual and Fun Fashion

Just a quick fashion blog for ya’ll!  This is my favorite shirt at the moment and it is finally warm enough to wear it!  I realize most people don’t run errands wearing heels, but I am also obsessed with these shoes right now.  Ill post a link to some flats that would match as well.


photo (9)

Top: (old-American Eagle) One Similar

Red Shirt




Shorts: Mudd White Shortie Shorts

white shorts




Shoes: Orange Calvin Klein Heels

calvin Klein Heels




Optional Shoe: Toms Flats

Toms Shoes

The “Feed My Skin” Facial

Hello Darlings!!!!! The weekend has arrived and the sun has finally come out here in Savannah. I cannot wait to take my poochies for a nice walk. But first I must tell you all about this incredible facial I gave to myself not long ago.

To start I want to mention that this facial, true to my Aesthetician nature, is a bit time consuming. Give yourself at least an hour. You will also need four hand towels, three to remove product and one to use for drying. You will also need a small bowl to hold your masks. You can use the same bowl for each mask if you wish simply rinse between each product. I do not recommend reusing the hand towels. Now light a candle, put on some relaxing music and lets get started!!!

Note: Be sure to include your entire face, neck, and decollete when performing this facial.

photo (8)Step One: Cleanse! I began by cleansing my skin using “Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap” which is Pure-Castile Soap in Rose Scent. Rose has tons of anti-aging benefits but I chose this one because I LOVE the smell of roses. Castile soap is an amazing product and my go to cleanser. To learn more about it check out To get a deep down clean I paired this cleanser with my clairsonic cleansing brush. I perform this step daily as part of my evening cleansing routine.

photo(2)Step Two: Exfoliation! I again used the same Rose Scented Castile Soap and mixed it in my hand with Powdered Adzuki Beans. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics makes this product which is where I got the idea. But after I ran out of Bobbi’s Adzuki Beans (aka buffing grains) I have been refilling the jar with beans I powder myself. It is super easy. Put the dry beans in a coffee grinder, push go and Bam! Powdered Adzuki Beans. Dispense about a quarter size amount of cleanser into your palm and then add the beans to the cleanser. I like a good amount of grit so I add a lot of beans…like 1/2 a teaspoon…that sounds good. Rub hands together to mix and apply to skin using circular motions. I start at my chest and work up toward my forehead. Be sure to perform this step for at least two minutes. To remove, place a hand towel under hot water until saturated. Then wring out the towel and turn it long ways so that it covers all areas covered with product. Allow the towel to cool while on your skin and then wipe skin clean. I like to use a non-astringent toner between each step because it feels good and preps the skin to receive the next product. (I use Rose Hydrosol) However, it is not necessary to do so.

photo(3)Step Three: Detox! Detoxification is an important step in the facial process. Mud effectively pulls toxins from the skin while helping to seal in moisture. I mixed Calcium Bentonite Clay sold by “Young Living” mixed with “George’s” Pure Aloe Vera Juice. (Links to where to purchase below) I mixed a teaspoon of clay with a few drops of aloe. Add the aloe slowly to get the perfect consistency. You want the clay to be thick enough to spread like a paint but not runny like water…so add very slowly. I like to use a fan brush to apply any mask because it gives a more even finish and I like things to look pretty. However, feel free to use your fingers if that makes you happy. Apply to face, neck, and decollete. Allow to dry completely then remove using the same method as before. Some people are sensitive to clay. It should feel tight as it drys and may itch some. If it burns remove immediately. Once the mud is completely removed I sprayed my skin with a non-astringent toner.

photo (2)photo(1)

photo (3)Step Four: Nourish! This is the best part! I mixed a teaspoon of dried powdered Chlorella (green algea) with “George’s” Pure Aloe Vera Juice. Again add the aloe very slowly because it takes a small amount of liquid to turn this into a spreadable consistency. I found that a teaspoon of both the clay and the chlorella was just enough to cover my face, neck, and decollete, and I am not light handed. This mask will make you look like the incredible hulk while your wearing it but it is soooo worth it. Chlorella is packed full of skin-benefiting vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and as an added bonus it removes heavy metals, radiation, and other toxins from your skin. What is even cooler is that if you ingest this amazing plant it will do the same thing inside your body! If you do not know much about the amazing benefits of Chlorella and other green algea I highly recommend reading up on them and maybe even trying some yourself. You will be glad you did. Here is a link to one site that briefly covers specifically Chlorella’s benefits. Allow this mask to set on the skin for 20-30 minutes. If you experience any irritation remove immediately. Use same method as above to remove.

photo(4)photo (4)

photo (5)Step Five: Serum! If you have a favorite serum now is the time to apply it to all the skin you have so wonderfully detoxified and nourished. I used Bamboo Firming Fluid from “Eminence Organic Skin Care.” (I love this company!!!) I received a sample of this and the moisturizer I apply in the next step from Milan Day Spa on Broughton Street here in Savannah. As far as I know they are the only place in Savannah that sells Eminence Organic Skin Care. Check them out. They just got a new shipment of products in today!!! The Bamboo Firming Fluid contains a natural retinol alternative (yay!) and is designed to tighten skin and increase collagen levels. It is an anti-aging product which is wonderful because natural anti-aging products are difficult to find, especially all organic. Allow serum to dry completely.

photo(5)Step Six: Hydrate! Finally were finished!!! Be sure to hydrate your skin. Even if you think you have oily skin and shouldn’t use a moisturizer, do it anyway! Oily skin tends to benefit most from a gel hydrator. I know Eminence makes one in their Stone Crop Collection, but many brands make an oil-free gel hydrator. I am fighting the signs of aging so I prefer a heavier moisturizer. To finish this amazing facial I applied Firm Skin Acai Moisturizer by “Eminence Organic Skin Care.” As I said before I received this sample at my last facial. What is so cool about this particular product is it contains hyaluronic acid derived from marshmallow plant. Hyaluronic acid is found throughout the body and one of its jobs is to assist in the formation of collagen and elastin. Both of those are what give your skin elasticity and tautness. (huh, that is a real word…) This moisturizer is quite thick so I do not recommend it to anyone who likes a lighter moisturizer. This one means business!

photo (6)I realize this facial has many steps but I promise when you are finished your skin will glow and thank you by looking fantastic and youthful. Besides, what is one hour out of an entire week to treat yourself to something that makes you look and feel fabulous. Peace, Happiness, and Facial Time!!!!!!



photo (7)Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap- Pure Castile Soap- Hemp Rose




Buffing GrainsPowdered Adzuki Beans




photo(7)Pure Aloe Vera Juice




photo(8)Clay Mask





This link goes to main website only

Dried Powdered Chlorella





photo(10)Serum & Moisturizer



Check out more from Eminence Organic Skincare


Strapless, High Waisted and Heeled!

I am not sure why it is that shopping makes me want to get dressed up but it does  This is my antique shopping outfit.  I figured high wasted pants were appropriate for the occasion.  And let me say that antique shopping is SUPER FUN!!!!  I cannot wait to go again.

photo(11) photo(10) photo(9)

TOP: Love Fire size meduim (click pic)


Bottoms: 7 for all mankind size 26 (old) Similar Style


Shoes: Calvin Klein Heels size 9 (click pic)

Orange Calvin Klein Heels

Here is the my great find during antique shopping…vintage clothing and accessories are considered antiques right?  Well I found this perfect sized genuine leather cream colored clutch for $10 at 37th @ Abercorn Antiques and Designs . It is just what I have been looking for.  I will post some other finds that I did not purchase, but they sure were fun to play in.  Time for a montage anyone????


And for fun…vintage dress up time…hope ya’ll enjoyed this blog!!!!


Date on a week night? Get the look!!!!!

Hello Hello! So, I know things can get boring during the week and to keep it fresh my husband and I went on a week night date to see none other than the amazing Cirque Du Soleil Quidam. It is an incredible show! Unfortunately no picture taking was allowed so I do not have photos too share with you. However, I highly recommend going to see this show or any other Cirque Du Soleil show. Here is the link to go and check out all their shows and tour dates.

Week Night DateI enjoyed our week night date so much that it inspired me to share my look with you all. I will include as much information and links to the products as possible; although some items are older and cannot be currently purchased. Also, I am only including the color part of this look. I will do another blog on skin prep and foundation and concealer.



IMG_1307I like to start with my eyes. That way if I mess up or make a mess I do not have to redo my foundation. I used a cream shadow by Bobbi Brown called “Ballet Pink” as my base. These shadows are amazing and can be used alone, but I like to use this particular color as a base for the rest of my powdered shadows. This technique helps increase the longevity of an eye makeup look. I applied this color using a synthetic bristle brush covering the entire lid from my lashes up into my crease. (Brush pictured is Bobbi Brown Cream Shadow Brush)

IMG_1311Next I applied a powder shadow called “Nude Beach” over top of the cream shadow again from my lashes up to but not into my crease line. This color is in Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Nude’s Palette which she no longer makes. A similar color would be a golden-ish beige with shimmer. I used a larger natural bristle brush to apply this shadow. Always use natural bristles for powders and synthetic bristles for creams and liquids. (Brush pictured is Jane Iredale Large Smoother Brush)

IMG_1315To add depth to my eye I used “Nude Mist” from the same palette. I worked this color into my crease using a natural bristled pony tail brush. Brushes like this are perfect for crease colors. They make blending super easy and place just the right amount of color where it is needed. (Brush pictured is Jane Iredale Crease Brush)



IMG_1322I like a bit of shimmer under my brow, it really gives the eye a nice lift. I used the lightest shade from one of my favorite products Bobbi Brown’s “Bronze Shimmer Brick.” Applied with a natural bristle eyeshadow brush just under the eyebrow along the brow bone. (Brush pictured is Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow Brush)



IMG_1319For eyeliner I again used a color from the same palette, however this color she does still make. Expresso is the color and it can be used wet or dry to define the eyes. In this look I used it wet to create a more defined line that I could blend to soften at the edges. I also find it to be a faster application compared to liquid or gel liners. Be sure to use a synthetic bristle brush if you plan on wetting the brush like I did for this look. I lined top and bottom lash lines making sure the line on top was thicker than the line on my lower lash line. I also went back with a dark brown eyeliner pencil and lined my water lines on both top and bottom lids. The pencil I used for this is so small I can no longer see who makes it. But I recommend Bobbi Brown long wear pencils. They stay on great. (Brush pictured is Bobbi Brown Eyeliner Brush)

IMG_1332For my cheeks I applied my regular bronzer first which is Bobbi Brown’s “Golden Light” matte bronzer. I like matte bronzers because in real life people don’t tan all shimmery, so if the bronzer is matte it looks more natural. I do back at the end and add shimmer, but a matte bronzer is best for everyday wear. I love Bobbi’s bronzer brush. It is a bit pricey at $52, but it is worth every penny. The shape of this particular brush is what makes it so awesome. It covers more surface area resulting in a very natural finish. Plus, the end cut of the bristles evenly applies color so you don’t have streaks of to much color in one area and not enough in another. It’s just perfect. (Brush pictured is Bobbi Brown Bronzer Brush)

IMG_1327I kept my cheek color simple using just one color. Bobbi Brown’s “Nectar” is a great color for just about anyone and it is my go to for everyday wear. I applied it using a natural bristle blush brush starting at the apples of my cheeks and working out and up. Blush wears off quickly so be sure to apply more than you would think necessary; you don’t want to show up bare cheeked!


IMG_1331To give my skin a nice glow I went back to my “Bronze Shimmer Brick.” Using my bronzer brush I applied the shimmer right on my cheek bones and on the sides of my forehead. I also put a bit on my décolleté.




IMG_1329To complete this look I lined my lips using a nude Revlon lip liner and followed with Bobbi Brown’s Rich Lip Color in “Dessert Pink.” Feel free to apply gloss on top.  I hope you all enjoyed my week night date look and that it inspires you to go out and have yourself some week night fun!  Below are the links to the websites where the products I mentioned above can be found.





“My Favorites” NAILS!!!!!!

Hey Hey Hey!  It’s a great day in the world of Hollie Jean, I hope it’s fantastic for you all as well!  Spring is in full bloom here in Savannah, GA and all the beautiful colors have inspired my next blog in the “My Favorites” series.  NAILS!!!!!!!  I tend to be boring when it comes to nail color but it is hard to stay muted with flowers all over the place.  So here we go…2013 spring inspired nail product favorites.

Black Poppy makes my all time favorite color for spring and summer.  I have no clue what the name of it is, but it matches my bathing suit perfectly.  I purchased this particular bottle of the nameless color at Pacific Sunwear for around $8.  This color is a white based neon coral and it will make even the whitest of skin look tan.  It is incredible!



Intricate nail art is everywhere you look these days.  There are stickers, polish pens, and yes even magnetic nail polishes.  My very good friend gave me a bottle of this awesome “Polar Purple” nail polish by Sally Hansen and I can’t get enough of it.  I will say that I haven’t had much luck
getting the magnetic part to show in the final product.  I have seen this polish when the magnetic feature worked and it looked really cool.  Perhaps I am not yet skilled in artistic magnetism and cannot pull this look off just yet.  But for now I love the deep purple color.  Should I happen to master this polish I will post a picture of how cool it looks!

True to mynature I have to include a nude in this fabulous mix.  “Rosa” by Bobbi Brown is hands down the best nude I have found in a long time.  “Skinny Dipping in Lake Michigan” by OPI is the runner up.  I have lots of yellow in my skin and most nudes have too much pink or brown for me.  “Rosa” is the perfect blend of beige and lilac.  The soft beige makes it very nude on the hands while the hint of lilac gives the nails just enough color to stand out.  It has a beautiful shiny finish.  I searched Bobbi’s website and didn’t find this polish so it may be something you have to get in store only. ($19 I believe)  Fun fact: Bobbi made this color for her on staff manicurist, Rosa.  Isn’t that sweet?  Bobbi is so thoughtful.

Last but most certainly not least!  No nail favorites list would be complete without of course mani and pedi products.  I found this super cute pedicure kit at TJ Maxx for $6.99!  It includes a very aromatic foot scrub and foot cream as well as a puma for those rough spots.  The one pictured here is eucalyptus aloe scented but I also picked up a peppermint scent.  They are both fantastic!  The scrub leaves my feet smooth and relaxed and the cream softens rough skin without feeling greasy.  Just what I needed to get my feet sandal ready.

Taking time to pamper your self is very important in maintaining good mental health.  So go rent an awesome movie, lay a towel down in front of your sofa, fill a large basin with warm water, and yes…relax your feet while you eat fruit and watch the movie…or read a book…whatever makes you happy.  When the fruit is gone proceed with giving your feet some well deserved love.  They do after all carry your weight for you all day!  Enjoy.  Happy pampering!

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