Get Clearer Skin with Oil Pulling

I have been reading a lot about a therapy called “Oil Pulling.”  At first I read a lot of personal experience type forums where people talk about how wonderful it has been for them or how sick it made them.  The testimonials I have read were very interesting and therefore I have decided too start oil pulling.  But what is oil pulling?  What does it do?  Why does it work?  What is the right way, if there is a right way to do it?  So I am on a mission to answer these questions as well as find out for myself if it really works.

So what is oil pulling?  According to wikipedia , the end all know all answer to everything (only kidding), it is “in alternative medicine, a traditional Indian folk-remedy that involves swishing oil in the mouth for claimed oral and systemic health benefits.”  Websites like and have helpful information on starting and provide some history as well as testimonials.  I even found some information about it in my Ayurveda Encyclopedia.  The list of benefits seems to be endless; everything from healthier teeth and gums, to clear skin, balanced hormones, healthier organ function, and much much more.  Every testimonial seems to have a different but similar experience and almost all of them had positive things to say about the method.

It is my goal as a Holistic Esthetician and health enthusiast to find out as much as possible about this treatment and document my personal experience of practicing the oil pulling method.  I am starting Friday May 2nd, 2012.  To keep up with any skin changes I will post pictures for a before view and then weekly to share any changes.  I am very excited about this experiment and hope to have a positive experience that encourages others to believe that health is within our reach and within our control.

Oil Pulling on face left viewOil Pulling on face right view

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